Piano Maintenance Services

Piano Maintenance Services

Rely on our passionate team

GW Piano Services was established in 2013. The foundation of the business is kept together by myself and Angela Robinson. Angela is the lobe of my life. She has been my #1 source for inspiration and growth. Angela also manages a dental practice. She is super smart and talented, especially with business operations. Her genuine warmth, smile, and love for life radiate throughout all she encounters. Angela is a wizard at scheduling and a super glue that holds all things together.

I, Grant Wachter, have been working with pianos since 2007. My learning started as I was trained as an apprentice by Larry Petit of Petit Music. Larry was a mentor, friend, and fellow musician. Larry and I met through mutual musician friends playing in cover bands. I've played guitar and sang in cover bands for over 20 years. Meeting Larry started my protracted venture into the world of pianos.

My draw to music started with my earliest memories enlivened by the joyful gathering of friends and family. Encircled around the piano, there were robust voices, guitars, banjos, harmonicas, pots, pans, and old washboards. These memories planted a seed with me. There was some kind of magic in music that drew people together, and I wanted to be part of it.

My favorite aspect of music is that it has an indescribable power to unite people. Some songs are like our personal soundtrack that influence and help create soulful impressions that last a lifetime.