Ready to Get a New Piano?

Ready to Get a New Piano?

We'd be happy to give you piano purchasing advice and our piano buying guide for residents in Racine & Rochester, MN

A piano can be a major investment - so if you're planning to buy one, make sure you get professional advice from the team at GW Pianos in Racine & Rochester, MN. We offer piano purchasing advice to new and experienced players alike.

Our team will discuss your needs and skill level with you, and we'll help you figure out how to avoid overpaying for a lackluster instrument.

Team up with us to get professional piano purchasing advice. Call 507-261-7922 now to speak with a piano maintenance professional.

Buy with confidence

When you visit us for buying advice, we'll go over our full piano buying guide with you. This guide covers:

  • The amount of space you'll need for each type of piano
  • The best temperature and environment to keep your piano in
  • The key things to watch out for in used pianos

Visit our store today to go over our piano buying guide with one of our team members.