In the Market for a New Piano? Contact Our Piano Seller Today!

In the Market for a New Piano? Contact Our Piano Seller Today!

We have high-quality pianos for sale in Racine & Rochester, MN

If your piano is on its last legs, don't worry. The piano sellers at GW Pianos have you covered. We have several quality pianos for sale here in Racine & Rochester, MN.

Our pianos are in excellent condition and are priced fairly. We have grand, upright and studio pianos for sale, so you can find the right one for your needs.

Speak with our piano sellers now to see what we currently have available.

Baldwin C Grand Piano

SN: 60470

Dim: 6'3"

EST: 1928

Finish: Mahogany Satin Lacquer

New Renner action components

New white keytops

Refinished black keys

Ebonized Satin Lacquer

New pinblock, strings, and tuning pins

Refinished soundboard and bridges

New dampers and key bed felt

Comes with an adjustable artist bench

Baldwin H165

SN: 37689

Dim: 5'5"

EST: 2007

Finish: Black High Gloss Polyester

Reshaped hammers and regulation of all moving parts

Regulated dampers and foot pedals

New key bushing on balance rail and front rail

Bench is included

Ivers and Pond Professional Upright

SN: 27590

Dim: L: 65" W: 28" H: 56"

EST: 1897

Finish: Quartersawn Walnut Satin Lacquer

Original Wessell Nickel and Gross action

New hammer and hammer shanks

All action parts refinished with new felt and leather

New strings and restored soundboard and bridges

New dampers

Original matching bench

New synthetic ivory keytops

Refinished black keys

New key bushings and key bed felt

Baldwin 243 Studio

SN: 271590

Dim: L: 59" W: 26" H: 45.5"

EST: 1987

Finish: Medium Walnut Satin Lacquer

Reshaped hammers and regulated action, keys, and pedals

New strings

Comes with the matching bench

New keytops and key bushings

Metzler Upright

SN: 128432

Dim: L: 55.5" W: 24" H: 47.5"

EST: Between 1950-1960

Finish: Dark Mahogany Satin Lacquer

Reshaped hammers and installed new dampers

Regulated action, keys, and pedals

Comes with the original matching bench

Very unique piano manufactured in England

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